RED Studio


The ideas behind the results

Award winning

Il Viandante Zoran Music premiered in 2014 at Circuito Cinema di Venezia
HEIFF 2009 - Award for Best short film for A Matter of taste


Whether it is a small local project in guerilla style or Hollywood feature for the big league we will treat it with the same zest.

Quality vs Budget

If there's a will there's a way - as long it is worth doing it.  We love making the "impossible" happen. It sure as heck wouldn't be the first time.

Reach us anytime

  • We work around the globe so no time like present
  • Any idea or project we would love to hear about it
  • Coproduction, cooperation, yes, just don't say the word synergy please :)

We go the extra mile

If we were only in it for the money we would be bankers :)

If we like your project we will go further and longer then it is reasonable. Why? Well, why not!

We work fast or slow

We probably hold a national record in fastest TV ad production from an agency call to uploading a final in just 5 hours.

But going in deep for the project and taking time is the way we love working.