RED Studio

Misterion - Experience the secrets of water


01 Oct

The three year long international project with Croatia, Slovenia and European union is covering the interregional area of rural towns and settlments working together. Beautiful sceneries of untouched nature of Pokuplje region and Žumberak mountains in Croatia, together with romantic and lush Bela krajina region were captured in 11 short films.


Join us on a journey through mystical flows of one small area where water means more than a source of life. It is the life itself.

Mirela Krneta, director




The films tell a story of deep connection of area with water and its great influence on development of human settlements throughout the history since prehistoric times.

River Kupa that both divides and binds together regions of Croatia and Slovenia is in the centre of focus with all it's secrets, shores and life spuriong around every corner.