RED Studio

The Last Voyage of Gagliana Grossa


20 Apr

The Venetians, Ottomans, Dalmatians, Greeks, Tuscan pirates... All tangled around a tiniest of Islands in the Adriatic Sea. All eyes focused at one ship. As the ship sinks, the race for its cargo begins.

Mirela Krneta, writer

 The incredible journey started on a smallest of islands in Adriatic. To be exacts about 30 meters under the sea near the Island of Gnalic near Biograd.

With Irena Radić Rossi we dived under the water to discover a shipwrech that for 400 years kept it secrets of increadible voyages of grand ship Gagliana Grossa. 

The shipwreck near the islet of Gnalić is truly unique. We actually encountered the late Renaissance world ...

Prof. dr. Irena Radić Rossi, research leader

On the first discovery in 1967. everyone was excited about shipwreck hoping to find gold, but when no gold was found the ship continued to rot in spite many efforts of researchers such as Sofia Petriciolli until 2006. when the new world found that the ship had a more important story to tell.

Following scientists and enthusiats from all over the world the RED Studio crew captured the story of a world that is lost but a history that made the modern Europe.

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